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5 Things Study Abroad Alumni Wished They Had Done Differently

by Sally L Watkins Friday July 8th 2022

5 Things Study Abroad Alumni Wished They Had Done Differently-students-travellers-sydney-regrets

Learning from fellow world travellers and students who have gone ahead of you is essential to enjoy studying abroad in Sydney or any other city.

What were their regrets?

What did they wish they had done differently?

Don't know who to ask?

We surveyed the study abroad alumni seeking student accommodation with us and asked what they wished they had done while studying. This article contains their top responses.

Hopefully, you can learn from the responses, make the most of your time, and enjoy the best stay in Sydney while studying.

"I was stuck on reliving home experience and didn't let loose."

Thinking about home while abroad by itself isn't bad. However, when you focus too much on home and wouldn't let loose to learn about the culture and opportunities around you, you would be limiting yourself.

According to our survey, study abroad alumni dread acceptance and prefer to stay in their comfort zone. Some even claimed they shopped at the same mall throughout their stay.

And guess what: the alumni wished they had ventured to other places and explored the cultural diversity in their new environment. They wished they didn't focus heavily on home.

"I should have learnt the local slang and language sooner."

Now imagine the experience for international students with a different language! Australian English is different from regular English, even for native speakers. For example, we call flip-flops thongs here.

Besides, the language barrier is one of the reasons many international students don't let loose when studying abroad. The responses of our surveyed study abroad alumni echoed the same concerns.

Many alumni wished they learnt Aussie slang to blend with their colleagues and the locals. According to them, speaking the dialect would have helped draw the most fun during their study.

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"I didn't join any club or group while on campus."

Most of the study abroad alumni we interviewed didn't participate in extracurricular activities while in school. Perhaps they did so out of fear for academics or their introvert-ish nature.

However, joining clubs and groups while studying is beneficial to academic performance. And the club members can eventually be your study partners.

Academics aside, clubs are instrumental to building relationships and personal development required for securing jobs after school. For example, active involvement in the student union can equip a student with leadership qualities for life after graduation.

Pro tip: overall, enlist in activities you're passionate about in an environment that appreciates you.

"I didn't document my outing."

Another group said they went out, visited parties, and had fun while studying in Sydney. However, they didn't document the experience.

Imagine having that much fun and not taking enough pictures of it. Or not record any video about the experience! What will be the souvenirs of the trips?

Mind you; you don't have to detail all the experience. However, a few snapshots can go a long way to reconnecting with your friends later.

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"I wish I stayed longer."

Sydney is a fun city; life here can be addictive. So, we understand when many of the alumni we interviewed wished they didn't have to return to their country.

Most of the alumni interviewed even wished the semester duration was longer, claiming four months was too short.

Our advice: you can stay back after your study. Apply for postgraduate studies, or even gain citizenship. Either way, ensure you have the most fun while you're here.

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