5 Tips - find Affordable University Accommodation for Rent Near University - Sydney

by Sally L Watkins Thursday April 14th 2022

5 Tips - find Affordable University Accommodation for Rent Near University - Sydney-money-rent-sydneystudentaccommodation-01

For international students, Sydney is one of the best cities to live, study and work.

Choosing where to live can be exciting and daunting. Students looking to find a place off-campus for themselves or share can be challenging. The good news is that there are plenty of options for off-campus housing in Sydney. That is where it's essential to consider first what your budget is, how close you want to be to your University and the type of accommodation you would prefer.

Studying abroad, You'll learn about different cultures, make friends from around the world, and develop a much deeper understanding of the world.

We've outlined some steps to take when looking for university accommodation.

Cost, Convenience, Environment, Social life, Rules, Privacy: All things to consider before embarking on your search for suitable accommodation.

Cost: Look for accommodation options that suit your budget.

Whether you are looking for cheap student housing or can afford what you want, there is only shared room/dorm accommodation on-campus, while off-campus, you have three main types of accommodation with varying costs. Most of these are only suitable for long-term student accommodation, six months or more.

Some students like to live on-campus as it's easier with bills and travel time, but it can be more expensive, and there are rules and privacy issues.

Research your options!

Off-campus: Apartment rental, Share-house or Dorm-like accommodation.

Share-house accommodation

Probably the most difficult to find as you need to search the internet, talk to the other household members and bring furniture. Sharing a house can be cheaper depending on which suburb you are choosing. Unless you opt for a share house that includes all bills, here are some things to consider:

  • Rent will be your significant expense but don't forget gas, electricity, internet, pay-TV
  • You may not like the people you are sharing with
  • Many are unfurnished
  • You may have to share a bathroom
  • The cost can increase, and you have to worry about paying many bills each month or quarter
  • You will not have facilities like a gym or good internet service.
  • You'll also need to pay a bond, usually the equivalent of four weeks' rent
  • what will be the cost to travel to and from uni over the year
  • Are you allowed to have guests?
  • What facilities are shared? e.g., laundry, bathroom, etc

Student specific accommodation

This type of student housing includes Student Studio Apartments or Student Dorm-like accommodation.

  • It takes the hassle and worries out of this by offering a service where these bills include the rent.
  • Most have many facilities like gyms and great internet.
  • There is parking and bicycle lockup.
  • Most facilities are shared? e.g., laundry, kitchen, etc.
  • most have private bathrooms

Convenience and Environment: Where to live

Do your research

Finding the perfect home while studying in Sydney is no easy feat, and while student housing is plentiful, some come with a hefty price tag.

There's a range of exciting suburbs near the University of Sydney, UTS, Enmore Design School, and other colleges, so you won't have to travel far. In fact, you can walk and from the main campus, you discover vibrant Sydney and enjoy all Sydney has to offer.

Glebe — Only a stone's throw away from Sydney University.

Glebe is an affordable and practical suburb to live off-campus for Usyd students and UTS students too. It's next door to Sydney University and UTS ( University of Technology). But if you are looking for more affordable, budget Sydney Housing there are other options too!

Closeby — Sydney Inner West Suburbs

Suburbs in Sydney Inner West like Enmore, Marrickville and Petersham have quick access by bus to the University of Sydney or UTS. They have loads of facilities, great shopping, cheaper supermarkets, specialised markets like Asian groceries, Public aquatic centres, cafes, and nightlife.

Travelling time is around 15–20 minutes to both Universities. If you're willing to commute to uni, consider renting here as you will save you money on rent and groceries.

There is also a large Vietnamese and Greek community and an arts community.

Marrickville's new library has facilities for students — computers, a study area and a cafe. They also have free WiFi.

Social life: The exposure to Sydney differs when living off-campus.

Another aspect of the student experience is LIFESTYLE — exploring Sydney, meeting other students, and having fun outside of studies.

Sydney is great weather, Summer or Winter and no matter what time of year it is, generally, you can enjoy the outdoors.

Sydney's inner suburbs like Glebe, Newtown, Enmore, Marrickville and Petersham have plenty of nightlife options with pubs, bars and music venues. There is plenty of affordable eating out options too.

All suburbs have extensive open public areas like parks where you can exercise and picnic or have a quiet read!

Free WiFi is available in most areas.

Rules and Privacy

University dorms will have rules, including curfews and visitors. Privacy is something you won't have much of when sharing in large on-campus dorms.

You may not get on with a dorm mate. Living off-campus allows you to choose your roommate.

If you work, living off-campus benefits from a calmer environment without dealing with noisy roommates when it's time to study or get some sleep. Read the Importance of sleep for uni students' health.

These are so much of an issue with rental accommodation, but you should know your legal rights as a tenant.

Check out these resources:

When it comes time to study abroad, you can book most accommodation via the internet before leaving but ensure you inspect the property before paying a deposit or signing a contract, even through web chat or zoom. Specialise student housing is run by legitimate companies who take payments through authorised financial institutions, so you can get support from them if something goes wrong.

Get organised

Students wanting to live off-campus may find it takes a while to find suitable accommodation. The Student Accommodation Sydney website takes the pressure of finding accommodation with listings for several different types of housing and budgets.

Suppose you're a student looking for Value for money. In that case, whether it's a Short Stay or Long Term Student Accommodation, this website also specialises in furnished budget accommodation for students studying in Sydney.

You can see the best options within your budget and the amenities you need.

On offer are:

  • Single and double private rooms with ensuites and excellent facilities
  • Studio apartments
  • 1-2 apartments
  • Sharehouse accommodation — apartments and townhouses
  • PLUS, the weekly rent covers all bills — electricity, gas, water, internet, TV, laundry and more.
  • Prices between $200-$390 per week, per person, single or double room

All are near the University of Sydney and UTS ( University of Technology).

Listings offer secure student housing with air-conditioning and NBN broadband with WiFI in all rooms, so you can have fast access beneficial when uploading Uni assignments!

Stays range from 6 months through your entire course without worrying about a thing.

With plenty of properties around the inner city Sydney region, they will find you the perfect home! Just check out their website.


Do your research, Weigh up the Advantages and Disadvantages and Get organised.

Living off-campus gives the feeling of independence and freedom to live how you want to.

If you're starting tertiary studies in Sydney, you will enjoy your stay in one of the world's best cities!

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